Aztorin Watches

The brand, in its philosophy and design, perfectly matches the nature of The modern man. They have character, are clear-Thinking, dynamic and bold, which is clearly visible in The watches’ design. Aztorin timepieces are identified with an active life, masculine sports and adrenaline.

What makes Aztorin watches a superb product is the ratio of quality to price. Both the details and the stylish finish catch the eye, making these watches a cut above the rest in their segment.

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About Aztorin Expedition

A unique project devoted to exploration and traveling into the unknown, it pays tribute to the daredevils who sacrifice comfort, take risks and push their limits in the most challenging conditions.

Aztorin watches serve as reliable companions of travelers on their adventures and challenges around the world. The latest expedition ended with the conquest of Mount Everest: Mateusz Waligóra climbed to the top of the world having started at ocean level. On his prior expedition, he took his Aztorin watch to the South Pole. Before that, Aztorin sports watches accompanied travelers who explored Kyrgyzstan on enduro motorcycles and adventurers who braved the icy cold Chadar Trek in India. Other destinations visited as part of the project included Cameroon (Dja River) and Tanzania (Mount Kilimanjaro).

Mateusz Waligóra w drodze na mount everest

Mount Everest from ocean level

On May 21 Mateusz Waligóra stood atop Mount Everest, at 8,848.86 meters. He climbed to the summit starting at ocean level, on the 63rd day of his expedition that had started on the shores of the Indian Ocean. He is the first Pole to pull off this extraordinary feat.

The expedition took the form of a Himalayan triathlon with cycling along a route that led through northeastern India up to Nepal, hiking to a base camp at the foot of Everest, and, lastly, climbing the highest peak on Earth. Throughout the entire expedition, Mateusz did not use any means of transportation and relied only on his own physical strength following the „leave no trace” principles.

Mateusz Waligóra w drodze

South Pole

Mateusz Waligóra reached the South Pole. The route through the ice desert of Antarctica was 1250 kilometers long. The polar explorer covered it in 58 days. The march began in Hercules Inlet on the edge of the glacier. The aim of the expedition was to reach the Amundsen-Scott research station.

He has been preparing an expedition to the South Pole for many years. He gained experience in long-distance hiking, e.g. in Greenland and the Gobi Desert. All this to make you feel as safe as possible in Antarctica. The expedition was a pretext to talk about mental health crises, as well as to raise issues of climate change, which particularly affect the polar regions.

Chadar Trek

Chadar Trek

“Before it is gone” is a series of reports by two experienced adventurers. In pursuit of this unique project, the authors document sites and cultures that are changing irreversibly. It is not that they changed in the past or are going to change in the future – they are changing now. The reporters observe a variety of social and cultural transformations driven by degraded environments and the alteration of nature by man. Their first destination was Chadar, an icy passageway connecting the lands of Ladakh and Zanskar.



Aztorin unleashes the desire for adventure. With it on your wrist, you want to act, conquer, race off into the unknown. All those who’ve already set off on an Aztorin expedition know this, and there have already been several of them. They also know that an Aztorin watch is a faithful travel companion, performing well in difficult circumstances. And this journey confirmed this again – an enduro trail of tens of kilometres through mountainous Kyrgyzstan put human perseverance and the endurance of equipment to the test.

Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro

After taming the cameroonian river Dja, the time came for another Aztorin challenge – conquering Mount Kilimanjaro looming high over the continent. The mission was assisted by blogger-traveller, Anna Skura, realising at the same time her lifetime’s ambition. Aztorin again demonstrated that it is made for extreme tasks, and Anna – that passion and determination will take you wherever you desire.

Dja River

Dja River

As part of the Aztorin brand’s travel project, four daredevils set off into the unknown. Backed by National Geographic, they made their way to Cameroon to travel down the Dja river, crossing a virgin, impenetrable jungle. The daring travellers were accompanied by reliable Aztorin watches. Danger lurked at every step (the expedition ended in total success).